Welcome to Chosen Valley Pet Resort

180 US Rt 4, Enfield, New Hampshire   (only 3.7 miles off exit 17, I-89 in NH)

Web Site:  Chosenvalleypetresort.com  Email: cvpr@chosenvalleypetresort.com

Phone Contact:  Resort Phone and recorder    ~    (603) 632-7878   -     Peter's (603) 727-4444


Chosen Valley Pet Resort is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE so you may travel, to and from, to take care of your dogs and cats for daycare and boarding, socialization, exercise and need. Makes your life, time at work, limited travel, peace of mind, families and dogs or cats life happier.

Your dog has a chance to be a dog.  Real running every day no matter the outside weather.

Our roof covers 16,000 sq ft of care, exercise, socalization and fun. Your dog can run!


Chosen Valley Pet Resort is on Yankee Chronicle, April 2nd and 3rd at 6:30pm on comcast channel 21,  WCAX                      WCAX.com for info

We are open by appointments to help you and your wonderful pets during the VIRUS.

Watch, Peter and Diane with Greg,Three part interview with Yankee Chronicle click, get to know us above.

To become a Registered Client

and  Register your Pet(s) is FREE When you need our service, Call or email or link from the website

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Call Peter (603) 727-4444

Happy dog = Happy Home










Walking path







Quick notes to remember:

Easy to get to:

(formally, Great View Roller Skating Rink)

180 US Route 4, Enfield, NH


We are Right on Rt.4 in Enfield, NH


exit 17 off I-89 in New Hampshire,

 turn right onto Rt.4 east. Stay on Rt. 4 for about 3.5 miles.

Resort is a big BLUE Building (200 ft x 80 ft, 16,000 sq ft on 4Ac of land).

indoor and outdoor Daycare and Boarding

(7am-6pm) M-F  (early bird drop off  6:30am-7am and late pickup 6pm-7pm, by appointment with a slight extra convenience fee.

Boarding: short and long term 24 hour care 7 days a week, with options join with daycare. Other example indoor walking path walking option.

Outdoor Dog Park to be installed in the spring.

80 x 80ft 2 sections, 40x 80ft with triple gate exit system.



New Client Registration link is on the required forms page above.




Come on in and see


If there is a car or truck in the yard,

come in for a tour or register.

Bring your dog,

bring a friend.



Below is basic view of former rink main floor now, cage free 3 sections, full walking path and boarding suites.

Do you need Boarding or Daycare for your Dog or Cat?

Are you on  a waiting List?

Will our location, right on Rt.4  Enfield, NH, make your life easier?  Imagine getting to work on time or vacation or holidays.   Have you taken a tour?

It is important to Register as a client and pets register as well, should you need our services.

One client registered herself and dog online in 10 minutes including copies of vacinations up to date.

She requested 2 weeks of boarding.  She arrived at chosen valley pet resort 30 minutes later, then to the air port to Georga, then California, returning 17 days later. Serveral picture were texted of her dog while on her trip. We are also there at night while your dog or cat are with us.  If they play well, we open their door many  sleep where they wish to feel at home.

We even help you keep track with our management software.

You save money with prepay options, coupons, and additional pets or weekly days with us.

We schedule by appointment allowing us to preview the next day, week, month or year.

This allows us to advance plan staff, supplies, suites, daycare, boarding, events to help you along with us manage a look forward to experience when you need Chosen Valley Pet Resort.

Your pets will help you pack.

Thank you.

Peter and Diane Martin


We also recommended you take a tour

come and see

Big walking path 10 ft wide 3000 ft one lap.

Indoor and outdoor doggie park, suites, registration in person or Online,

daycare-cage free or traditional, boarding-long and short term, 3, indoors big park or daycare sections separated by size. Small, Medium, Large Dogs Play rooms with time-out  and rest beds.

Mutiple Suite from 4x4, 6x6, 4x8, and up to 5x20

The most so far for our need is a man with 7 dogs and 3 cats.

One of the most rewarding so far are the coments from our clients and the dogs happyness returning for, exercising, socializing, playing and bonding.

Reserve your (pets) children's space in our daycare or boarding opportunities.

We are on the way or worth the trip for most Clients and pets.


Chosen Valley Pet Resort

Just Minutes away

Now you get to enjoy your day, vacation, work, special times with peace of mind for you and your pet(s).




New Client Registration link is on the required forms (other links as well) page above.

Yes, Part time help Wanted

We are looking to create an on call list of part time, flexible help with past or present pets care in areas of daycare and boarding, grooming, experience and care .

 We will add, as we continue to grow and provide quality service.

send experience, references  and resume to our email:


Come see, Dog Tested, Dog Approved! Woof (Please, Registered as a Client and register your pet(s), is needed, plus shots and agreement) Then, schedule your planned or unplanned needs with ease. Dogs Daycare: both cage free and traditional 6am-7pm (early drop off 6am-7am late pickup 6pm-7pm) (NOW INCLUDED) Kind of nice getting to work or home on time. We also ask you, "What days would you like for daycare"? We do our best to fit your needs. Tell your dog's friends Dogs Boarding: $40/day ist dog 2nd and more $30 per day per dog, 7 days a week, long term-Short term Happy Dog, Happy Family Boarding Now, with daycare*** included Boarding now with walking path fun included Pr-qualified for cage free day care a must*** If your pet might not fit in with cage free, don't panic, smile! We are big enough to offer choices that may solve the problem. What is the walking path? A BIG white rectangular walkway, 10 feet wide completely enclosed around, the 3 sections, (small, medium and LARGE), cage free playrooms or Separate, (s-m-L) indoor dog park on the 12,000 sq/ft main floor. Your dog(s) can run and play fetch almost 100 ft down and 100 ft back. on each long side runs. One dog, to a Full family of dogs or friends can play together. One section of the cage free clients playroom can be let into the walking path, 270 feet long, to run and play together, independent from the other cage free daycare playrooms. Chosen Valley Pet Resort is different. Our size, or diversity, our flexibility, our Location, (get to work on time, we're on the way) make your life easier and your pet will help you pack. Take a tour if you wish or just register yourself, your pets, their shots, our agreement. Once Registered and accepted as a client you have choice: scheduled, flex-able, planning of your pets care for daycare and boarding. Whether for vacations, holidays, work needs, travel or special time(s) we can be a phone call or internet conection away. We will even send you a picture daily of your children. Please, Register today, it's free to help you plan tomorrow. Thank you, Peter and Diane Martin