Welcome to Chosen Valley Pet Resort

180 US Rt 4, Enfield, New Hampshire   (only 3.7 miles off exit 17, I-89 in NH)

Web Site:  Chosenvalleypetresort.com  Email: cvpr@chosenvalleypetresort.com

Phone Contact:  Resort Phone and recorder    ~    (603) 632-7878   -     Peter's (603) 727-4444




Daycare at Chosen Valley Pet Resort is fun.


 Cage Free means:

when they play together in our big play rooms there are no leaches except to bring a dog to the room or leave a room in orientation and/or training.  They must play well to be part of the group.  They are in the 3 separate Play rooms separated by dog size. The suite in each play room is for TIME OUT or in quiet time, for shy or timid dogs to help them orientate and slowly fit in and remove fear as much as possible.  We can mix sizes if they fit well, play well, with a larger  dog group.  You will also have a standard agreement release and responsibility form like in other facilities.  All or a limited numbers of dogs may have an assigned suite for protection more secure rest or fear removal or reduction.

I call it, anticipation thinking.

 Daycare fee: Daycare-cage free is $25 for a single dog.  If 2 or more*** dogs from the same owners as the first dog, each will pay only $20 each, after the first dog.  Only those who meet the above accepted play well will be allowed in the group.



Non-cage free means:  $25/day  2 or more*** $20 each after the first dog

Daycare where a single or multiple dogs do not play well together or an owner many not want any dog to play with theirs.  Owners come up to me asking, what can I do, 3 places have claimed my dog is aggressive and won't let him/her be in their cage free daycare program for socialization.

We listen and because of our special walking path, we are designing a solution using the sides of the walking path 100 ft long each, to create an alternate play, exercise area.  Each dog assigned with this identity will still have daycare custom designed. With a designated suite if needed, play time, human contact and when possible a play well same identity other dog "playmate" sharing the space adding socialization.  Exercise ability, already tried is a lot with the full length runs back and forth (200 ft) or if planned, all the way around, 270+ feet.

In addition the walking path will be time planned for single use at a time of the  Three inner separate play area's exercising  full groups of play well dogs in the controlled space, later,returning to suites or play rooms.

Uncontrollable dogs or any dog may be determined too dangerous or other reasonable reason including financial and refused for safety of others.  We reserve the right to refuse any dog or owners for any reason.

Daycare                    $25. 1'st dog

 after 1st 2nd or more                       $20/each

Mutiple dogs 2nd and more at $20 each/day


Cage free daycare   $25,

Mutiple dogs 2nd and more at $20 each/day

Custom Daycare      $25,

Mutiple dogs 2nd and more at $20 each/day